Volvo Vera

Shelby Hotchkiss Study Models, Trade Show Models

1/4″ = 1′ Scale / Client – Multi Image Group Southern Model produced this large scale model for Volvo Trucks to showcase the many possibilities of the Vera self-driving electric truck. First, Volvo’s state-of-the-art design requires no fuel stops. Consequently, this offers a cheaper alternative for shipping goods across the country. Additionally, the potential savings in labor could revolutionize the …

Compass Datacenters Thunderball

Shelby Hotchkiss Study Models

1″ = 21.26′ Scale / Client – Compass Datacenters LLC Southern Model recently constructed five of these scale models for Compass Datacenters. Previously, we mass-produced a smaller scale model of nearly identical design. Similarly, the model separates into four adjacent sections at the same scale. Additionally, the building sections have removable roofs for sales presentations. Finally, we carefully packed each …

MUST Ministries Site

Shelby Hotchkiss Study Models

1″ = 70′ Scale / Client – Landon Group Providing a great example of local topography, roads and property lines, this is a study model of a potential site.       If you would like to donate your time or money to MUST Ministries, check out their website here.

One Community Living

Shelby Hotchkiss Study Models

One Community Living: 1″ = 50′ Scale / Client – Grafoid Inc. One Community Living is a study model of a potential future community. Accordingly, it possesses everything life requires for its residents. Also, the buildings in the model are a cross between our detailed and mass buildings. Hopefully, this provides a good example for you.         …

Austin Site

Shelby Hotchkiss Study Models

1″ = 80′ Scale / Architect – Perkins + Will